Electric Hummer-HXT™ LIMO

A special feat indeed, the MEV HUMMER is the only way that the stunning design has made it to the worldwide stage. The MEV HUMMER HXT™ Limo is built to a very high specification, the base vehicle includes a huge number of features which would be classed as ‘Optional Accessories’ on most other cars, providing MEV HUMMER HX™ T Limo purchasers unbeatable value.

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Available now The MEV HUMMER HX™ T (Topless) offers the chance to own a piece of history. General Motors closed the HUMMER automotive plant in 2010, right on the brink of releasing the incredible HX™ model, a vehicle, that the majority believe would have saved them. Just before the above events concluded MEV managed to sign the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture the HUMMER HX™ as a mini electric vehicle. A special feat indeed, the MEV HUMMER HX™ is the only way that the stunning design has made it to the worldwide stage. The MEV HUMMER HX™ T is built to a very high specification, the base vehicle includes a huge number of features which would be classed as ‘Optional Accessories’ on most other cars, providing MEV HUMMER HX™ T purchasers truly unbeatable value. Download specification here.

HUMMER™ Design

The MEV HUMMER HX™ is the only proportionally correct licensed resort vehicle on the market. The HX™ design has been detailed throughout, from the signature HUMMER™ louver grille, custom wheels, door sills, styled seats and floor mats. All matching features have been considered with the trunk top, door hinges, windshield surround, injection moulded LED lights and luxury interior.

Technical Quality

The MEV HUMMER HX™ has been manufactured to the highest standard seen within its market; not only are the aesthetics all taken care of so is the unseen engineering; built from a robust lightweight chassis, using advanced electronics and components with hardwearing mechanical parts. The HX™ has been assembled to meet rigorous US and European standards.

Safety First

Both the driver and passengers seats are fitted with 3 point approved seat belts, LED technology is used for side lights, driving beam, high beam, turn signal, brakes, rear fog and reversing lights. Upon selecting reverse a buzzer sounds and the steering wheel centre is fitted with a horn. Unlike other electric vehicles in this category the HX™ is fitted with adaptive rear drums and hydraulic front disc brakes for optimum stopping power.

MEV HUMMER HX - Standard Specification

  • HX™ Key Ring with Individual Security Keys
  • 15” HUMMER™ Alloy Wheels
  • Automotive Metallic Paint and Lacquer, choice of:
  • Metallic Burnt Orange, Metallic Blue, Flat White, Metallic Black, Flat Red
  • Hard Top Enclosure
  • Driver & Passenger Lockable Double Skinned Doors (Removable)
  • Sliding Side Windows (in Removable Doors)
  • Windshield Wiper System
  • Felt Roof Lining
  • Driver & Passenger Sun Visors
  • 12v Charger Outlet Point
  • HUMMER™ Branded Sill Plates
  • Rear Trunk Storage (Accessed from Trunk Door)
  • Front Trunk Storage (Lockable)
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • 4 Wheel Fully Adjustable Hydraulic Rear Drum and Front Disc Brakes
  • Inner Wheel Arches
  • HUMMER™ Louver Grille
  • LCD Digital Dash Display showing: Distance, Speed, Battery, Power, Volts, Time, Temperature, Amps, Switch From Mph To Kph
  • All Led Turn Signals, Main Lights, Side Lights and Warning Lights
  • Fully Adjustable Sports Seats – Automotive Suede and Carbon Vinyl
  • Heated Seats
  • Hand Brake
  • Slide Out Drinks Holder (Dual)
  • Shark Fin Aerial
  • Storage Compartments & Lockable Glove Box
  • Forward/Reverse Drive Stick
  • Seat Belts (3 point)
  • Carpets and Styling
  • HUMMER™ Floor Mat
  • 5 Metre Vehicle Charging Cable

HX™ Performance

Distinct from traditional 48v systems on today’s market the HX™ utilises a 72v supply powering an efficient AC brushless motor giving impressive torque through to full speed. From the multi region approved on board charger the AC system provides greater efficiency giving the HX™ an impressive 30 + mile range per charge. The fully adjustable A-Frame front and semi-independent rear suspension has been built to automotive standards to ensure a comfortable yet sporty ride.

  • Two Seat Capacity (Four Seat with Rear Seat Package)
  • 72v drive System – 9 x 8v Lead Acid Batteries
  • Advanced® USA AC Brushless Motor & USA Curtis® 300 AMP Controller State of the Art Gearbox
  • On Board USA Delta-Q™ Multi-region Charger
  • Kumho™ Tyres
  • Range of 30 Miles/ 48 Kilometres (Lithium option 60 Miles / 98 Kilometres)
  • Length 3000 mm / 118 inches
  • Width 1450 mm / 57 inches
  • Height 1460 mm / 57 inches
  • Wheel Base 2128 mm / 84 inches
  • Braking Distance 8ft (at 15mph)

MEV HUMMER HX - Optional Accessories

MEV™ have built the HUMMER HX™ with an impressive choice of features included as standard, however to ensure that each MEV HUMMER HX™ has its own unique appeal we offer the below optional accessories ranging from colour coded bumpers to a solar panel roof system and leather interior colour choices. On top of these optional accessories the HX™ also comes in a choice of 5 automotive finish colours as standard.
  • Pioneer™ CD/Radio/MP3 Sound System (with remote control)
  • DVD Upgrade System
  • High Torque Hill Climb Controller Upgrade (550 AMP)
  • Dual Golf Bag Holder (Removable)
  • Tow Ball – Specify USA or EU Sized (Removable)
  • 15” HUMMER™ Wheels in Matte Black
  • 15″ HUMMER™ Wheels in Full Chrome
  • Spare Wheel Box with Puncture Repair Solution
  • Single Point Battery Filling System (Standard Batt Only)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Carbon Fibre Dash Interior / Arm Rest
  • Custom Coloured Paint (Metallic or Flat)
  • Custom Coloured Leather Seats, choice of: White, Blue, Tan, Orange
  • Lithium Battery System